Oh Snap, crack a coconut.


We recently bought a bunch of coconuts and did the thing we like to do. Shave it up and roast it over a beautiful hardwood fire in our jungle oasis in Belize. The smells and process makes my mouth water and I am sure it would yours as well.

We use coconut for many things here in the jungle. We tend to snack on it throughout the day. We use it for cooking. We use the water to re-hydrate ourselves after a long days work. We use the shells for cups, decorations, and toys. There are so many uses and yes, as with all our products, we utilize it all.

One of our favorite uses here at Lamanai Chocolate is adding it to our trail mix. It is ssssssooooooooo good. This non-gmo vegan organic goodness helps to bring a little sweetness to the cocao nibs, nuts, and organic honey. Delicious...

We are now offering it in half pound bags so you can have a taste of what we do. We have separated out our products we use in the Trail Mix so you can make your own style your own way.

Have a great day, the Belizean way.

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