The Coffee Hack that chocolate lovers need to know!

The love for good tasting coffee is something we here a lot about on Social Media, commercials, and even some news outlets. With the continuing grow in the industry it is hard to choose what is our favorite drink. We are opting more and more to go out for our coffee and spend large amounts of money just to have the edge and dessert drink we can't duplicate without having to do some serious cleanup and prep work.

We at Lamanai Chocolate have come up with an easy way to make your boring home brew a delightful and healthy alternative to going out to wait in a long line. We make alternative old world recipe drinks, but we also come up with a few new things along the way too. Last year we started selling flavored nibs because most of the American population couldn't handle the nibs as a healthy snack. Lets face it, chocolate in it raw form is bitter and if you are trying to stay healthy and love chocolate it can be a deterrent. We began by adding a slight dusting of organic sugar or honey over our banana leaf fermented nibs. Then we added flavors like hazelnut or cinnamon. The flavors are amazing, but still many have told us it is still too bitter for their pallet.Granted there are still a lot that truly love them and order them monthly to be shipped to the US and Canada.

We strive to try to accommodate all our customers in there chocolate journey. We want you to find a way to be healthy in your chocolate consumption. You might even say we are the healthy chocolate self help gurus of Belize.

So what is our Coffee Hack? Simple. Add the Cocoa nibs to your filter before you brew your coffee.

A simple tablespoon of any flavor nib will give your taste buds the party they desire! Black coffee is always the healthiest but.... Add your favorite sweetener and or creamer and you make a coffee that you will be proud to serve to guests or business partners. If you add the cinnamon nibs you will have an amazing chocolate milk aftertaste that Grandma would be proud of.

Click on the picture to take you to the nibs of your future.


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