Why should you buy our product verses the bigger conglomerations?

The answer is quite simple... Freshness: We are about as close to the source as you can really get. That means you will enjoy better quality and the health benefits are much greater. So many of the products you receive from large stores will be bulk shipped, set into storage, and the processed before ever getting to the shelves. They are designed to have long shelf lives up to 2 years. Once you order we get the harvested Cocao the next day after the fermentation process is completed. Then we roast it in micro batches to ensure you are getting the freshest Cocao Bean you could desire. The longest it sits is in shipping from Belize to your home. The whole process takes approximately 22 days from harvest to your doorstep!


We don't just advertise the Mayan connection on our products, our products support the Mayan Culture in Belize, Central America. We have a symbiotic relation with the Maya and all our employees are Mayan as well.


We now have a $10 minimum on all online orders. This allows us to help with some of the shipping costs from Belize.

But don't worry you still get amazing product with unmatched freshness!