How we started

Four years ago I had a dream of starting a chocolate company. I was not sure of the concept or even where to start but I began my research in the beautiful country of Belize. I visited the beautiful cacao farms in the rainforest. The beauty and serenity of the cacao groves was certainly mesmerizing enough to draw me deeper into the dream of having a 100% organic all natural chocolate and cacao product company. In developing relationships with the farmers they graciously opened their homes up to me to stay with them while learning about the cacao trade. We have built strong bonds through the development of the company. There were and are several companies that purchase the cacao from the same farms but I wanted to be different. I noticed that other companies were just interested in purchasing the cacao and exporting it to large processing plants in the US. For me this seemed cold and corporate, the very thing I was trying to get away from. So I decided to use exclusively Maya workers and process as much as possible by hand which has worked well for us. After all it’s the Mayas who are known for chocolate who have passed down the art of making chocolate making over thousands of years. The chocolate they make on a stone pestle with all of the coco butter and natural vitamins, minerals, still in the chocolate is by far the highest quality chocolate you can ever purchase. My goal is to teach people how to make their own high quality chocolate from our hand roasted organic fair trade cacao nibs.