Belize Choclate | Chocolate Shop

Our Process: We use an ancient Mayan process which includes the fermentation of the Cocao beans in banana leaves. We then dry them in the sun and roast over a fire.

TOURS: Our Mayan Chocolate tour takes 30 minutes and includes making traditional stone ground chocolate on a Mayan grinding stone for $12.50 US per person.

Welcome to the home of Lamanai Chocolate on the scenic Hummingbird Highway in Belize!


Lamanai Chocolate has developed a reputation of being place with the best chocolate you can find in Belize and some of the richest you will taste in the world. We pride ourselves in the process we use and have fine tuned it to really make for an extraordinary product. Plus, we offer chocolate tours to teach you about the Mayan process of chocolate.


Our Tours: Why are we considered the place to visit for chocolate tours in Belize when you are on vacation, sightseeing, or looking for  your piece of paradise in our tropical jewel? Because... we hand select our cocao beans from the finest local farmers Belize has to offer. Then we ferment the beans in banana leaves and finish them by roasting to perfection in the Traditional Old World Maya way.  


If you are in this country for our tours you can taste some of the amazing truffles, ice cream, or sample the cocoa butter you will understand why we are so proud of what we do. The grinding process is one of the most unique you will witness with a Mayan descendant grinding the beans into chocolate on a 1100 year old grinding stone. 


We ship our products to your home, although some are shipped in raw form of the Chocolate Nibs and Roasted Cocao Beans to ensure the quality and freshness you have come to expect from us here at Lamanai Chocolate. We share our age old recipes for the chocolate tea, truffles, and much more from the Mayan Culture. 


Of course do not forget about our ready to use products we ship to your door from our facility fresh! We have our Chocolate Drink Mix and Mocha Drink Mix people come from all over the world to try. Then we have our Chocolate Chili Meat Rub, a must in the kitchen if you love a gourmet twist with a Caribbean flare. Who doesn't love a fresh ground Cocoa Powder or the unique Chocolate Chili Powder? Some of our best sellers at our property is the Cocoa Butter, Kahlua Mix, and the Coffee Scrub. The products speak for themselves with the organic blend and age old knowledge of the Maya making it perfect for gifts, revitalizing health, and unique flavor